BANSHEE “Opening Titles”

In the summer of 2012, I was contacted by Greg Yaitanes, who directed the pilot episode of BANSHEE, a new Cinemax action series that he was also executive producing. Greg invited me pitch for the main title sequence, so I created this proof-of-concept animation.

The sequence blends 2D artwork inside a 3D environment to produce a dynamic introduction to BANSHEE’s “thief-out-of-water” story. Additional lighting effects and textures add to a “gritty pulp” approach that guarantees a stylized, action-packed kickoff to each episode.

The sequence features comic book illustrations by Eisner Award-winning artist Tim Bradstreet. I built my concept around commissioning original illustrations of the cast to use in the main title, along with specific BANSHEE filming locations. My goal was to not only establish the main characters, but also the unique Pennsylvania town that the series is named after.

BANSHEE premiered in January of 2013 and is already renewed for a 2nd season. Although my pitch didn’t move forward, working with Greg was a fantastic opportunity, and I’m blown away by the ingenuity of the title sequence created by Tin Punch Media, which features unique “combinations” used to unlock specific BANSHEE content on the Web.

Directed & Animated by Daniel M. Kanemoto
Illustrations by Tim Bradstreet
“Satin In A Coffin” Written & Performed by Modest Mouse
Music Editing by Jeff Yorkes
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  1. Hi Daniel,

    My name is Jason and I am completing post-production on a professionally-made Punisher “fan-film” that is slated for a summer web-release. I saw the title sequence you did with all the Bradstreet material and was really impressed by it. Is there any chance whatsoever that you might be interested in doing something life this for our film’s opening/closing titles? We’re talking a 6-10-second thing with the flavour of your Banshee material (which is brilliant)

    For more info about the project just check out the link I put into this post. there are production videos, pics, behind the scenes stuff.

    Let me know if you are interested,

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